Q: Do you store any information in your database?
A: The only data stored in our database is your basic account information and API information. Feel free to run your reports and remove your API information afterward. You key is never shown on the website and is encrypted within our database. Your account password is hashed using SHA-256.

Q: How will I know that my data has been deleted?
A: We do not do a soft delete where a flag is set, and the information disappears from the application view but remains in the database. We do a hard delete where the data is completly removed.

Q: Why is sorting limited?
A: Sorting is based on the API of the systems and can be limited based on the call and the platform.

Q: What are the API Limits?
A: Infosec IQ Learners: 100.
A: Infosec Skills Learners: 500.
A: Kaseya IT Glue Assets: 1000.
A: Kaseya BMS: 100 per request and 500 requests/hour/endpoint.
A: Atlassian Confluence: 1000 per request.
A: Atlassian Jira: 1000 per request.
A: Bitdefender GravityZone: 10 requests per second.

Q: Which modules are currently active?
A: Infosec IQ Learner Information.
A: Infosec Skills Information.
A: Kaseya IT Glue Configuration Information.
A: Kaseya BMS Tickets and Project Information.
A: Atlassian Confluence Space Information.
A: Atlassian Jira Project Information.
A: Bitdefender GravityZone Network Endpoint Information.

Q: Are there any update modules?
A: No. Only read only modules are used, hence the name of the site: API Reporting.

Q: Why did I receive an error?
A: Some API platforms only allow certain amount of connections per hour. We try to keep the calls to a minimum.

Q: I entered my API information but I only see a blank screen?
A: Please check your API information as it may be incorrect. No information on the page means the API call failed or is incorrect.

Q: The reports are great, but I need more, like pagination, charts, sorting and other API information, what can I do?
A: Contact us today for more options.